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facebook likebox collapsing now

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Hello, i have a question about the likebox...i downloaded it 1 day ago and it was working perfectly. i have not installed any other softwares since. at first the module was respecting the height that i set it to. and the feeds would display through the entire length that i set the module to which was 1000. but now as i return to my website since earlier today. the module only shows the heading and no content. Now it is a requirement that i click the show more button at the directly under the header to expand the content. Im not sure what happened but have you any ideas what i can do to keep the module expanded.. thanks

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Hi, just want to clarify what i think the problem is.

The module seems to only display facebook postings that were made within several hours, for example...if i make several posts today i can see them on my website in the bt facebook module. But if i return to my website tomorrow it will not display my latest facebook posts......it will only display the header,, the text [show more] which must be clicked to display my content in the module...

The demo of your website seems to display all of your facebook posts without requiring the user to click [show more] to see the stream.

I may be mistaken but im pretty sure you guys dont make several postings on your facebook page just to display content in your module...

Is there any way to keep my latest feeds displayed?

Is there a time limit as to when facebook feeds will no display a post automatically?


I really need your help..thanks again

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