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Let me start by saying that the BT Content Slider is one of my all time favorite modules for Joomla. It works so easy and perfect and i keep finding more ways and places to use it for :)

Also thank you for implementing my earlier suggestion in the latest version, so now it is easy to select a main category and automaticly all items from subs-categories can be added .... even when i add later one or more sub-categories ...... THANKS!!!

Now i have another suggestion ...... the way BT Content Slider works is so great that i would also like to use it for presenting not just items but also categories. Would it be possible to add an option to display the Joomla- or K2-category images and when clicked you go to the category page of that item.

Thank you in advance for considering this suggestion and wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful day.

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Hi Huub.

This is good suggestion, too. Thank you so much for it.

But the module has 4 source, so if we implement this feature that will take us more time.

So i will note and consider it for next version.

Please tell me exactly what source do you want to use.

I will guide you to implement the feature.

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I love the way you can display K2- items with the slider, so i was thinking if it would be possible to implement as a source the K2-categories. Each K2-category can have an image and those could be displayed with the title of the category in the slider.

But please know that it was just a suggestion ...... it would make it the perfect add-on for every K2-user :)

I do of course understand that you have totally other priorities, so i would never expect this to be implemented any time soon.

Be well and wishing you a wonderful day.

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