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Display Date other than Creation Date

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The default date display in the module is to display the creation date.

Is it possible to display the Finish Publish date ?

I realise this may need code change.

I would also like to do it for just one version of the module and not a change to all versions.

Is this feasible without causing big problems.

Thanks for any help?


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Hi David.

Here is solution for you and everyone.

First, to make this feature can be configurable for each module instance (you use "version" word, but i think it should be "instance")

We need new parameter

Please open file mod_bt_contentslider.xml then add this field

<field name="displayed_date" type="list" default="created"
label="Displayed Date" description="Choose a type of date that will be displayed">
<option value="created">Created Date</option>
<option value="publish_up">Publish Up</option>

Right below field (recommened)

<field name="show_date" type="radio" default="0" class="btn-group"
label="SHOW_DATE" description="SHOW_DATE_DESC">
<option value="0">JNO</option>
<option value="1">JYES</option>

You can see new parameter after that, you can set it up.

Next, open file /classes/{your chosen source}.php, example k2.php

Find this line (or same)

$item->date = JHtml::_('date', $item->created, JText::_($dateFormat));

Change it to

$displayedDate = $params->get('displayed_date', 'created');
$item->date = JHtml::_('date', $item->$displayedDate, JText::_($dateFormat));

Now, enjoy it.

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