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I tried to use the code for buttons and especially i used the biggest one (class: ja-typo-btn btn-orange ja-typo-btn-big btn-big-orange), but when i do this the button appears too small, without any margin from the text, as it is shown at demo.

e.g. look at button here (http://www.patitisty...nia-topothetisi).

Buttons have also issue with alignent, as they always keep aligned to left. I achieved to center align them only by using a table, but size and margin is still an issue.

EDIT: Also another issue is with images. I searched your foroum and found two other topics about that, i made these changes and achieved no to strech photos to full width, but yet now any image appears at frontend with the dimensions that is uploaded, even if you try to change the size via the editor!

Please help me with both issues. Thank you

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