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Facebook Sharing Problem

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Hi, love the plugin, thank you!

I'm running into an issure with sharing on FB. When I click share, everything looks great in the preview. Article Title, picture, text, everything is there.

But when I hit share and it actually publishes to FB, the article's category is shown on FB, not the article title...

I'd love to be able to use BT Social Share on these pages... but I don't know how to incorporate the plugin in the PHP... any suggestions?

IF not, I understand, but would love to know how to fix the Category / Article title thing.


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Hi Sean.

I tried to share your article, and i see it works fine. It shares right image, right title.

And as you see in BT Social share plugin description. You can use these code to display social share buttons on any pages

$share = plgContentBt_socialshare::socialButtons();
echo $share['script']; // Required
echo $share['buttons']; // Social button
echo $share['recommend']; // Recommendation bar
echo $share['comment']; // facebook comment box

Good luck

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I detected that there are 2 set of open graph tags on your site.

So this is confusion.

Because K2 adds its open graph tags and BT Social Share also adds them.

But i don't understand why the plugins doesn't works correctly, It is programed to not add open graph on k2 page.

First, please check your BT Social Share version.

Then add K2 support team to check og:title tag. Why it is category's name instead of item's name.

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