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Module only uses chache for thumbnails

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I am using BT-content slider for a long time on many sites and really love this module.

After upgrading to joomla 3.3.6 and the latest version of the module, i spend days figuring out how i can make the module create thumbnails again in the folder images.

The old version made thumbnails with names like "120-180-image name" now i onley get cache files with names like "23452244imagename"

I would really like to go back to the module creating the files in the modules image folder again, so i hope someone could help me understand what i am doing wrong.

Many Thanks,

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Hi Jeffrey.

Thanks so much for using our extension.

this is solution for you.

1st To change thumbnail path please open file mod_bt_contentslider/helpers/helper.php

Find these lines

$thumbPath = JPATH_CACHE.'/'.$module->module.'/';

$thumbUrl = str_replace(JPATH_BASE.'/',JURI::base(),$thumbPath);

Change them to

$thumbPath = JPATH_SITE.'/modules/'.$module->module.'/images/';

$thumbUrl = JURI::base().'modules/'.$module->module.'/images/'

2nd. Open file /mod_bt_contentslider/classes/btsource.php

Find this line

$imageName = md5($path.$width.$height).'-'. $tmp[count($tmp) - 1];

And change it to

$imageName = $width . "x" . $height . "-" . $tmp[count($tmp) - 1];

$imageName= str_replace(' ','',$imageName);

I hope my reply will help you.

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