Content Slider in Different Template Positions + Layout Questions

By tony in BT Content Slider,
Hello. Firstly great extension! Question 1 I use BT Content Slider in a template position and it works well. I have changed some of the CSS to suit my needs. I wish to use BT Content Slider in a different position on the same page with different requirements and wish to write different CSS accordingly. However, as i am making changes to the same back end files, my first template position functionality is changing! (as it should be!!) I wish to know, how can i have two (three/four etc.) different versions of Content Slider, both editable for different uses within the same page/template of my website? I am a relative new developer so only have basic CSS skills! Need to be walked through please. Question 2 Is there a way to change the date format to delete the 'time' component AND specify any date of my needs? I have read many forum queries though none that answer this specific question. Question 3 How do i place the article Heading over the image without using the centre position OR place the article Heading next to the image? I want an image smaller than the width of a template position however when i do so, the text moves to below the image. Only when i turn the heading off does the text occur alongside the image? Question 4 In a 3 or 4 column set-up, is there any way to have the left image and text align left with NO margin or padding in any row and the right image align right with NO margin or padding for the furthest right image in any row? Currently when i change the left hand / right hand margin via the backend code (.bt-cs .bt-inner), all images in the row lose their left hand padding and i cannot get the right most image to remain right aligned. I would like the left most image and text aligned left with no padding and the right most image and text aligned right with no padding. Any images in between equally spaced. Tough problem?? Thank-you and look forward to your reply. Tony
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