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Hi Firstly Thanks for your hard work on this component it a great product just need to solve:-

1. my images and thumbs display are very poor quality, they seem to have been distorted by component, as the original images loaded are of good quality.

2. Should the Owl Carousel have thumbnail images at the bottom just like the demo site, when viewing a single property.

3. can the property listing display be changed from 3 columns to 4

3. can the property listing limit be changed, instead of 5,10,15 etc, I need 3,6 or 4, 8


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Hi Jon.

Thanks for using our extension.

I will help you solve 1,3 and 4 problem

1. You are setting thumbnail images too small only 150px * 100px, in homepage, they are scale to large image by CSS.

I recommend you increase size of thumbnail at lease 300px * 200px

You need rebuild image after re-configure.

3. Please try this solution, open file //com_bt_property/themes/bt_zoner/css/style.css,

find this CSS rule

.property.masonry {

background-color: #fff;

float: left;

font-size: 12px;

margin-bottom: 15px;

overflow: visible;

transition: all 0.4s ease 0s;

width: 32.1%;


change width: 32.1% to 24%

4. Please open file /administrator/components/com_bt_property/config.xml

find field "paging", add more option to this field for your value.


<option value="12">12</option>

I'm sorry for 2nd problem, it is commerce, you need to be purchase membership package to get support.


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