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Using BT-Login with a hyperlink

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Is it possible to use bt-login's popup login page with a hyperlink?

I have a hyperlink in my footer which leads to the client-area... I want to have the login module pop up when clicked. I have managed to do it with the menu item by adding .item-118 to Login tags in the module... But what can i do with a hyperlink to get the same effect.

I tried adding id="documentation" to the hyperlink and then adding a.documentation to the login tags. But did not work...

Also on a side note. The login must only popup if the user is not logged in. Otherwise it must just take them to the page if possible?

Any assistance would be great :).

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if your link has id "document", you must add #document to Login tags field.

You complete can use many CSS selectors for this field

Example you want to use both of menu item and the link you only need to add

.item-118, #document

to the field

I don't understand your last question clearly. Can you tell me more clearly?

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