Move title below thumbnail and above Intro Text

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Hi Othniel

Please open file /mod_bt_contentshowcase/tmpl/themes/default/default.php

Find this code

<?php if( $showTitle ): ?>

<a class="bt-title" target="<?php echo $openTarget; ?>"

title="<?php echo $row->title; ?>"

href="<?php echo $row->link;?>"> <?php echo $row->title_cut; ?> </a>

<?php endif; ?>

and bring it to below this block (you see it right below )

<?php if( $row->thumbnail ): ?>

<?php if($row->thumbnail && $align_image == 'center') {?>

<div style="text-align:center">

<a target="<?php echo $openTarget; ?>"

class="bt-image-link<?php echo $modal? ' modal':''?>"

title="<?php echo $row->title;?>" href="<?php echo $modal?$row->mainImage:$row->link;?>">

<img <?php echo $imgClass ?> src="<?php echo $row->thumbnail; ?>" alt="<?php echo $row->title?>" style="width:<?php echo $thumbWidth ;?>px;" title="<?php echo $row->title?>" />



<?php } ?>

<?php endif ; ?>

Enjoy it.

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