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Overlap of Images

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Hi Martial.

I think you are using BT Constructor template, right?

I think there is problem with javascript, but i need to check the problem directly.

Can you give me your url?

Thanks so much.

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Hi there.

I found out the problem.

Take a look to file /templates/bt_construction/html/com_bt_portfolio/bt_foto/layout/list/default.php

There is this code

<div class="btp_list_introtext"><?php echo (substr($item->full_description,0,80)); ?></div>

This code cut portfolio full description, only get 80 characters.

But, the description can contain HTML tag like <p>, <a>, <img>

If these tag is cut of like this

It will make HTML syntax and result is what we see.

Now, there are 2 solutions.

1. Strip HTML tags before cut description, with this solution, you can't style the description with HTML tags such as :<b>, <strong>, <i> ...

Change the code to

<div class="btp_list_introtext"><?php echo (substr(strip_tags($item->full_description),0,80)); ?></div>

2. Use short description instead of cutting full description

<div class="btp_list_introtext"><?php echo $item->description; ?></div>

Enjoy it.

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