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Hi, I have installed BT Shortcode on latest Joomla site and my site crashed, front and backend. I dont have backup, can you help me to restore the site? How can I uninstall changes the BT Shortcode has made to my site? My site is localy installed.Thanks

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Hi there.

I'm so sorry for the problem.

Maybe there is conflict on your site.

If you can't access your backend now, you can fix the problem with this solution.

Go to phpmyadmin, open your database, run this SQL

UPDATE #__extensions SET enable = 0 where element = 'bt_shortcode_system'

With #_ is your database table prefix.

After you access back-end, please set Error Reporting by Maximum in Global Configuration page,

Enable the plugin again.

Then see if there is PHP error on your site.

Give it to me, i will give you solution.


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