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Joomgallery fails after installing BT Shortcode

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This has been checked on 1.0.3 and 1.0.5. After installing BT Shortcode, Joomgallery is no longer able to display pictures (it returns the broken image icon). Disabling BT Shortcode restores Joomgallery operation. Are there any particular settings that might affects this?

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Hi there.

I think that there is PHP error or Javascript conflict when you enable BT Shortcode.

For PHP error, please try to set Error Reporting by Maximum to see if PHP error exists.

For javascript conflict, please open Element Inspector tool on your browser (click F12) then open Console Tab, reload page. You will see javascript errors after page loaded or after an event (such as click a button, submit the page ..)

Please give me any error you see.


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There are no errors reported either in the console or in the error log (errors are being logged normally; when I force an error it shows up in the log).

A number of plugins are known to cause issues with Joomgallery. The current list is:

  • IE6 warning update
  • IE8 compatibility
  • JBLibrary
  • library_system_plugin.php (community extension from Joobi)
  • myAPIconnect (Facebook)
  • System Modalizer
  • System Cache Cleaner
  • RSSEO System Plugin
  • System - SJSB sessions fixer
  • Ultimate PNG Fix jwupf
  • Ninja Shadowbox
  • Warnenas PngFix
  • System - pcDTR
  • System - JoomSEO
  • Qlue404
  • Protos Lightbox JS
  • mfBlank
  • Social Presence
  • Joomess - Library Plugin (jVoteSystem)

If you're using any of these or code from these in BT Shortcodes then that could be the problem.

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Do you means these plugins also conflict with Joom Gallery?

And do you suspect BT Shortcode has same code with them?

I don't have any idea about these plugin. Can i check the problem directly on your site? Please give me your admin account and URL via private message or extensions@bowthemes.com.

I will check it.


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Hello tronghm,

I have the same problem with JoomGallery extension and BT Shortcode.

Did you find a solution for the topic creator and if yes, can you share it with me?

Otherwise I really need your help, please see the following URL with the problem:


Please scroll down to "Kassetten-Markisen" and see the picture on the left side. You will see two pictures, which are not displayed correctly.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Best regards,


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