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icon entry on mass import of places

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Say the name of the icon file is "special.png" and I put the same in the icon column.

After mass import, it is found that it is not taken.

So, I have to go to edit mode to enter the icon file name again and manually upload the image from my PC.

What is the correct way such that the above manual work can be skipped because there can be tens of thousands of places to handle?

Should I

1. save the icon file to bt_googlemap/place/icon first

2. then set the icon column in the mass import excel spreadsheet to bt_googlemap/palce/icon/special.png




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Hi Kwok.

Because the component only backup data to only one excel file, so any images are not included.

In normal , the solution is after restore data to other website, you only need to copy marker images to new website with same folders.

But it seem to be hard for you if you use marker icon in many folders.

I'm sorry about this.

And your solution is good one. I recommend it :)

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