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We are developing a site for a hotel with about 36 separate "places to see" pages in 8 languages.

We want to include a main page with the Google Map and all of the places with markers, and then have in each page, a google map showing the hotel and the marker of the "place to see" selected.

I know I can build the Main Google map and add the markers using BT Google Maps in individual modules, but is there a "programmatical" way I could then call each of the individual maps using a variable, to show just the main hotel marker and that selected "place" marker, rather than having to make 37 different modules ?

Thanks !

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Dear Steve,
I'm sorry for my late reply. The BT Google Map module, can do it but you have to create many modules. It is very complicated. I think you should consider to use a hotel component which have maps & hotel features.
Best regards,



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