Few suggestions for slideshows pro. Asked many times already.

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After many years of using various sliders, both free and commercial ones,
I'm always getting back to slideshow pro.

Unfortunately, it still lacks few small but important features, even after years of suggestions:

1. Option to randomize photos
2. Option to add ONE image from Joomla folder
3. Option to auto hide navigation buttons when not hovering over slider with mouse
4. Option to flick / swipe to change photos


1. No need to explain. Asked many times by many users.
I know how to tweak code to achieve it but I do not want to do it every time when module upgrades
or when I install it again. Also you promised that Random option would be here in new version. :)

2. Atm we can add only ALL images from selected folder. Or to upload it by using uploader.
Ability to add only one image from folder is also important. Why?
Because sliders often changes - sometimes we want only few images from folder and sometimes few another ones.
For this scenario ability to add image by Uploader doesn't count.
So it would be great if we could browse already uploaded images in folder and select only needed ones.
Btw I see that issue with duplicates is finally fixed, thank you for that :)

3. Self explanatory. Sometimes it looks nicer if buttons are hidden, especially on mobile devices.

4. This is related to 3. Mobile usability is a must so ability to swipe is also a must

What do you say?


Slideshow pro 2.2.1
Joomla 3.6.5

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