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I have first installed the site on localhost (with PHP 7.0.1 version) and everything was ok, then I transfered it online (with PHP 7.1.1 version) and the problems begin :(

Now, I can not edit or create new property.
Is it possible that BT Property does not works with PHP 7.1.1 ?

I have also other problems with the BT filter module, the price slider does not works with my template but is ok with Protostar template, but I do not want to use Protostar ;)

I have tried to activate and desactivate JQuery or Bootstrap JS in BT Property 's options, but nothing have changed.

Thanks for your help :)

Here is the web site test

Technical informations :

Joomla version 3.6.5
BT property 3.0.4
Template based on WarpTheme framework

Here is the screen capture with the error message

Capture d’écran 2017-03-09 à 18.51.44.png

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