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BT Facebook Like Box and protocol of https access

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Hello, I find myself having an error message on the page of my site where is the module BT Facebook Like Box. Would there be a solution to this problem? Thanks.
Here's the message:


Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "".  The frame requesting access has a protocol of "https", the frame being accessed has a protocol of "http". Protocols must match.
logEvent — xVunPBCEJlF.js:342:4642
logEvent — xVunPBCEJlF.js:347:37461
s [from VideoPlayerController] — xVunPBCEJlF.js:347:6210
(fonction anonyme) — DvliZ8suPxV.js:142:3442
q — DvliZ8suPxV.js:138:1036
x — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:2517
v — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:1422
h [from replaceTransportMarkers] — DvliZ8suPxV.js:83:295
h [from replaceTransportMarkers] — DvliZ8suPxV.js:83:391
h [from replaceTransportMarkers] — DvliZ8suPxV.js:83:178
x — DvliZ8suPxV.js:142:2522
ha — DvliZ8suPxV.js:47:2306
la — DvliZ8suPxV.js:47:2632
x — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:2517
v — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:1422
ka — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:5802
ea — DvliZ8suPxV.js:38:4379
ha — DvliZ8suPxV.js:47:2306
s — DvliZ8suPxV.js:142:4498
m — DvliZ8suPxV.js:142:4469
handle — DvliZ8suPxV.js:142:759
i — DvliZ8suPxV.js:158:512
(fonction anonyme) — likebox.php:37:7325
ha — DvliZ8suPxV.js:47:2306
ja — DvliZ8suPxV.js:75:4144
z — DvliZ8suPxV.js:73:690
Code général — likebox.php:37:22577


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