Can't translate Price_Time "Month"

jc martin
By jc martin in BT Property Component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0,
Hi, I have created language folders for my language (french) and translate language files. For "Price Time Month", I have translate this string everywhere I have found COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_MONTH = "Month" by COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_MONTH = "Mois" But on frontend all prices stay like : 2000 €/month instead 2000 €/mois So, I have change this term everywhere I have found - Administrator/language
- Administrator/components/com_bt_property/language
- language
- components/com_bt_property/language Without success :(

So, I have create overrides... Without success. Anyone could tell me where find and change this f******g string ? Thank, ;) Dol.
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