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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Below you will find the answer to most of the general questions about purchase a single product. If you cant find the answer, contact us.

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What is Bowthemes? (Hot!)

BowThemes is a Website Template design company. Established in 2010, but our team has over 10 years combined in a wide variety of skill sets. Collected many professionals in designing and programming, our passion is creating simple but powerful templates. Our templates and extensions has been extensively user tested. Come with us, your own web will have an amazing user interface design, speaks clearly to you, your customers, or is just something you’ll be proud to show colleagues and clients.

What are Bowthemes’s products and services? (Hot!)

We provide 3 main kinds of products :

  • Joomla Templates
  • Joomla Extensions
  • Another Website templates (WordPress, Magento…) -coming soon

We also provide additionnal Website Services:

  • Quickstart Installation
  • Web Customization
  • Dedicated Template Design
  • Full Website Service
  • PSD to Templates
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