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Frequently Asked Questions

Please carefully read through and see if your questions get answered.

Buy single products

Below you will find the answer to most of the general questions about purchase a single product. If you cant find the answer, contact us.

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What can I download when I buy single template? (Hot!)

After your purchasing of single product, you will have the authority to download:

For Joomla Templates

  • Quickstart Package
  • Template in zip files
  • Related Extensions in zip files
  • PSD Files
  • User Guide  

For Joomla Extensions

  • Extension in zip files
  • User Guide  
Download link will be delivered to you by email

Note: You can only download version of extensions packed with template. To download upgraded version of extension please make sure that your membership account is J!Extensions or J!Developers; or you have already bought this  extension as single product.


How long can I be supported and download upgraded version since I buy that template? (Hot!)

You will be supported and download upgraded version within a year since you buy it.

Where can I find product’s price? (Hot!)

The single product’s price is shown below the product’s thumbnail in Template/Extensions Showcase.

What is the response time of customer support? (Hot!)

If you buy single product, you can post your question in our forum and it will be replied within 32 hours of working days.

Please note that we have set up Ticket support system for our paid membership. The response time will be shorten from 32 hours to 24 hours.

Can I get a discount for the second time of buying product? (Hot!)

Sorry, we don’t have discount policy for single product buyer. If you want to buy more than one of our products, why not take a look at our membership packages? You will find it more economical.

Should I buy a single product or membership package? (Hot!)

Which is better?

Well, it’s pretty obvious.

When you buy a single license, you will be authorized to install one product to one licensed domain. But when you buy a paid membership package, you can install full range of Bowthemes templates/ extensions on three or more domains.

Guess what.

When you can access all our available templates, you have more choice because you can download many templates and extensions related. Each months in the membership valid period, we will send you our new product’s download link via email. And since your needs are different, you get a chance to create more website from our products.

A paid membership package also gives you the optionsto get fast and express support from us. And yes, one customer can also purchase more than one product at a time, which means the validate period of membership package will be extended. Yes, Paid membership package is better!

Purchase the membership package  

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