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Joomla 1.7.2 Released - Upgrade your site now!

The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 1.7.2. This is a security release. The Production Leadership Team's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community. Learn more about Joomla! developement at the Developer Site.


Download Joomla 1.7.2 (Full package) »
Download Joomla 1.7.2 (Upgrade packages) »


Please note that you should always backup your site before upgrading.

Want to test drive Joomla? Try the online demo or the Joomla JumpBox. Documentation is available for beginners.

Need Joomla in your language? Find a language pack or localized version.

Release Notes

Check the Joomla 1.7.2 Post-Release FAQs to see if there are important items and helpful hints discovered after the release.



Issues Fixed

Installation Upgrade from 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 to 1.7.2 26927

Statistics for the 1.7.2 release period:

  • Joomla 1.7.2 contains:
    • 1 tracker issues fixed in SVN
    • 2 securities issues fixed

Joomla! Bug Squad

Thanks to the Joomla Bug Squad for their dedicated efforts investigating reports, fixing problems, and applying patches to Joomla. If you find a bug in Joomla, please report it on the CMS Issue Tracker.

Active members of the Joomla Bug Squad during this last release cycle include: A Firoozmandan, Akarawuth Tamrareang, Alain Rivest, Andrea Tarr, Andrew Eddie, Bill Richardson, Brian Teeman, Christophe Demko, Daniel Jackson, Dennis Hermacki, Detlef Volmer, Elin Waring, Harald Leithner, Jacob Waisner, Jean-Marie Simonet, Jennifer Marriott, Kevin Griffiths, Marijke Stuivenberg, Mark Dexter, Matt Thomas, Michael Babker, Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Nick Savov, Niels Braczek, Nikolai Plath, Omar Ramos, Pavel Poles, Peter Chovancak, Piotr Mocko, Rachmat Wakjaer, Rob Clayburn, Rouven Weßling, Rune Sjøen, Samuel Moffatt, Shaun Maunder, Thomas Jackson, Tim Plummer, Troy Hall, Viet Hoang Vu.

Bug Squad Leadership: Mark Dexter Coordinator; Elin Waring, Marijke Stuivenberg, and Omar Ramos, Team Leaders.

Joomla! Security Strike Team

A big thanks to the Joomla! Security Swat Team for fixing all reported security issues with this release. Members include: Airton Torres, Alan Langford, Andrew Eddie, Bill Richardson, Elin Waring, Jason Kendall, Louis Landry, Marijke Stuivenberg, Mark Dexter, Omar Ramos, Rouven Weßling, Samuel Moffatt.

(Source : joomla.org)

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