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Many of our dear members asked: “Can you suggest trusted hosting provider fully compatible with your templates and extensions?” Thus we got the idea to search for best Joomla hosting solutions, and we found SiteGround.

No1 Hosing Speed Performance

SiteGround provide Joomla SuperCacher – web caching service that includes 3 cache levels. When SuperCacher is enabled, the server doesn't need to load each webpage from scratch every time there is a request, but immediately delivers the cached version by loading it hundreds of times faster. Moreover, they offer three data center and CDN service to make sure Joomla loading speed is amazing around the world. In the benchmark test among 14 leading Hosting companies, SiteGround have achieved performance that was times better.

You have the one of most optimized servers I've seen. Honestly! In order to get close to the same performance on my local machines (test servers based on consumer-grade hardware) I had to use an i5, 8Gb RAM, SSD, Ubuntu Server and Nginx with PHP-FPM. And I could only get the same performance when the disk cache got primed after the first full site backup. You guys offer that on what is essentially shared hosting. My jaw dropped when I saw the performance :) Seeing where your competition is,

- Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos, Lead Developer from Akeeba Ltd. www.akeebabackup.com

Three Levels Of Joomla Security

Secure your Joomla: Your data will be safe when updating with J!HackGuard Extensions and in-house created Auto Updater

Secure your account: The accounts on SiteGround servers are isolated from each other through a custom-made server setup -> make the shared hosting as secure as the much more expensive dedicated solutions.

Secure your server: Strict security procedures monitor closely Joomla status and its plugins.

Yes, SiteGround servers are tuned for Joomla websites. Yes, they have low server downtime. Yes, they have an easy to use cpanel and account manager. But the most important thing for me and my clients is their excellent customer service and 24/7 support. I have gotten responses to questions within minutes. I have been a SiteGround client for many years now, I'm happy to have found such a good company to work with.you're 5-7 year ahead of most of them

- Marian Konop - Joomla developer & President - JoomlaNYC Users Group www.gothamwebsites.com & www.joomladaynyc.com

Extremely Great Support Team

SiteGround has outstanding support service: 24/7 customer service by ticket, phone and online chat. Their support representatives are fast, experienced. Average response time? Within 15 minutes for ticket support and approximately …0 minutes for online chat (our experience).

Since April 21st I became customer of SiteGround hosting and had a lot to transfer, learn, etc. So I submitted support tickets, 30 so far. Because these tickets are nicely tracked I got the idea to analyze the support performance myself. Well, I cannot wait to tell you the conclusion: never found a more and better responsive support team than SiteGround Support. On average the ticket were handled within 5 minutes. This is including answering my replies. So on average within half a minute after submitting an issue there is a response with either an answer or request for more detail info about the issue. Only one ticket took few hours, but that was because I asked SiteGround to transfer websites incl. DNS settings. In short: Thanks, SiteGround, for your great support.you're 5-7 year ahead of most of them

Fred Mellink - Joomla user www.fm-designcc.nl

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