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From our blog

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[Preview] BT Arise Corporate template for Joomla


BT Arise is the first free template for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 of Bow Themes. It comes with five amazing colors and styles. BT Arise presents fresh look for a Joomla site with eye pleasing colors and modules friendly arranged. Whether you need a site for your marketing, consulting, or business targets , BT Arise is still a powerful template to jumpstart dominating the world!


Bow Themes offical website launched

We are really happy to announce that Bow Themes' Official Website has already been launched. Bow Themes is a professional Joomla- template provider. Our mission is to create unique, attractive and clean templates without loosing flexibility and simplicity of customization. In the early beginning, we will provide FREE TEMPLATES for all members. Click here to sign up and enjoy!