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Support Policy

We will only answer issues concerning our templates.

Joomla can be tricky sometimes so, if you have any problems related to Joomla itself, please don't write in our support forums. We will only answer issues concerning our templates.

We advise that for Joomla issues you visit Joomla's official website, where you'll find almost everything related to Joomla.

Also we would ask you to be patient when it comes to template issues due to changes in Joomla versions. Sometimes the Joomla people updates Joomla and makes major changes in it's structure that can really destroy our templates. When that happens we will try to fix everything ASAP but sometimes it can take longer than we want it to.

Before writing in our forum:

  • Please keep in mind that we do not answer "How Do I" questions. For help with HOW DO I, please visit Joomla Forum
  • Remember that if you customized the template in some way and that is the reason for having problems with it we won't be able to help. We only fix template's issues that could be caused by the template we developed. The same applies for third party scripts or extensions you may add that can cause conflicts with our templates.
  • Make sure it's a template issue, if not your message may be ignored or erased.
  • Read the template documentation, each template has a pdf file with instructions.
  • Read the documentation from Support Section.
  • Check our Frequently Asked Questions, you may find your answer quicker.
  • Search the Support Forum for open threads with similar issues.

If following the steps above you still can't find your solution please write in our forum, we'll be happy to help!

To write in our forum always remember:

  • To write the template you are using and the Joomla version.
  • If it's a browser issue also include name and version.