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7 days refund - No questions asked

Bowthemes is always grateful for your belief and product use. And to streng then belief and make you comfortable when purchasing our products, we have released“ 7 Days Refund - No Question Asked Policy” for trial use in 7 days.

Refund-able products

All single products and membership plans could be refunded with our “7 Days Refund - No Question Asked Policy”. Usage of templates and extensions in 7 days basically evaluates their quality. After all, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for refund without any questions asked.

Refund conditions

Bowthemes only refund to you if you get all following refund conditions:

  • Refund is only accepted within 7 days since your purchase date.
  • Refund amount is equal to the product/membership fee minus the discount (if any).
  • Refund is not applicable on renewals of single products and membership plans.
  • Refund is not applicable for bank transfer payment.
  • Refund would be denied in abuse cases, only 2 products for maximum downloads within 7 days. And after success refund, you must not use these downloaded commercial products of refunded purchase. If not, you are responsible for the copyright violation.

Refund request

Please submit your request below. Stay calm and we will get back on your request within 72 hours on weekdays. If you submit your refund during the weekend at our time zone (GMT +7), we shall get back to you at the earliest on next Monday.

Refund request form